Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why do people want guns?

There are as many different reasons for wanting to own a gun as there are guns to own.

First, a gun can be used as a sporting tool. Guns can be used for target shooting and for hunting. I enjoy target shooting and it is very popular in the United States. You don't see it glamorized much but there are even a few different shooting events in the Olympics. The Olympic games include competitions for both men and women, with a total of 15 events in all - including five in each of the three major shooting disciplines – Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. Men usually compete in 50m rifle three positions (prone, standing, kneeling); 50m rifle prone; 10m air rifle; 50m pistol; 25m rapid fire pistol; 10m air pistol; 10m running target; Trap (shotgun); Double Trap (shotgun); and Skeet (shotgun) Meanwhile, women sure shots usually participate in 50m rifle three positions (prone, standing, kneeling); 10m air rifle; 25m pistol; 10m air pistol; Trap (shotgun); Double Trap (shotgun); and Skeet (shotgun). As you might have guessed guns are also a vital part of hunting. I myself have never been hunting but it is something that I think I want to try. Maybe this fall....

Guns are also a valuable tool for self-defense. A gun is an equalizer. This means that a gun allows a small or nonathletic person to defend themselves from a criminal no matter how big or strong the criminal may be. There is an old saying that says, "God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal". Guns are also actually a great crime deterrent. When a criminal thinks you might be armed, he is less likely to choose you as a victim. The right to defend oneself from criminals is a basic human right, and a gun is one of the best tools to protect yourself, as well as your family, from crime. If you look at most mass shootings, they ended when someone else showed up with a gun, usually the police. The criminal either surrenders or takes their own life. This would lead you to believe that if they thought someone in that school, church or office had a gun they never would have started.

Finally, the founding father's believed that gun ownership was necessary for a country to truly be free. They created the Second Amendment so the people could protect themselves from the government. If the government distrusted the people so much as to disarm them, then that government no longer truly represented the people. In other words, in our structure of government, the power is supposed to lie in the hands of the people. How would it make sense for that government, of the people, to take away the most effective means of self defense from those people?

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