Saturday, August 20, 2011

If you want to carry a gun

If you want to carry a gun in the state of Georgia you must get a Georgia Weapons License. To obtain a Weapons Carry License in Georgia, a Georgia resident goes to the Probate Court of their County of residence. The Probate Judge is the issuing authority for Weapons Carry Licenses in the State of Georgia. Procedures vary slightly by County but are mostly prescribed by Georgia law. Most Probate Courts will have a website which will detail the specific procedures used in that County. At a minimum, applicants must undergo a criminal background check, which requires fingerprinting and then processing by the GBI and the FBI. A felony or domestic violence conviction will generally be disqualifying, as are certain other conditions. A mental health check may also be required. Georgia does not have a training requirement to obtain a Weapons Carry License. The cost of applying for a License will be between $70 - $80, some or all of which must be paid in cash.
Georgia has a very active and effective gun rights organization, GeorgiaCarry.Org. I am an active member of GeorgiaCarry.Org. The GeorgiaCarry website has detailed information on procedures for applying in each county. There is also a detailed chronology of Georgia carry laws and history of the past racist roots of gun control. GeorgiaCarry contributed information used in this article.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Summer

I just noticed that I haven't been here ALL Summer long. I'm sorry about that, I guess I got kind of busy.

The first reason was - My Mom was very sick and eventually passed away on July 12th. She was a great lady and had a profound influence on my life. It goes with out saying - I miss her dearly.

The second reason had to do with Georgia.Carry.Org, the second amendment group I belong to.

When I wasn't with my Mom this summer I was recruiting members for GCO (this is what we call Georgia.Carry.Org). I went to different ranges all over the state and through special arrangements with the ranges, allowed people to shoot for FREE if they would join GCO or renew/extend their membership if already a member.

The results of my little project -

Total number of ranges visited = only 16

Total miles driven for GCO = 2014

Total money raised for GCO = $5534

Number of members who renewed = 84

Number of new members = 253

Sixteen ranges over the course of the summer may not seem like a lot but it felt like a lot while I was doing it. One Friday, I got up early and drove to Savannah and then drove home that night. I want to go on record and state that although it is possible, you should never consider a trip from Powder Springs to Savannah to be a "day trip". Just for kicks, the next day I drove to Macon and back.

I had a great time and I met a lot of good folks. Most of the people that I meet who are involved with guns are really good people.

I'll try not to let my next visit not be so long.

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The Math Teacher