Saturday, May 12, 2012

To shoot or not to shoot?

To shoot or not to shoot? That is the question.

Since most of you know I am a big supporter of the Second Amendment you probably think this article has to do with something really important like when is it OK to pull your gun and shoot someone who is trying to hurt you or your family. Or is it alright to show a bad guy your weapon in hopes of scaring him off? Those are both very important topics but shall be addressed another day.

What I want to talk about today is, should I go to the range and shoot today? Most of the time when I make my weekly visit to the range it is with my 21 year old son. We started shooting together about 4 years ago and have gone most every Saturday since then. As you might expect, I enjoy shooting but part of the fun has always been spending time with my son, Joey. It's cool that he has grown into a fine respectful young man and even more cool that we have something that we can do together. When we first started, I could always out shoot him. He out shoots me sometimes now. Don't tell him but I think that is kind of cool.

So now for the problem. Joey has a job. Now, don't get me wrong I think the fact that he has a job is great. Heck, I have a job and so do most other responsible people. The problem is that Joey and I like to shoot early on Saturday mornings. Joey has started working almost every Saturday morning. The reason we go on Saturday mornings is it's usually less crowded and less people just means there is less chance for some sort of accident to happen. At a public range, you never know who the person in the next lane may be and how safe are they with their guns.

Do I go to the range early in the morning and shoot by myself?
Do I not go shooting and wait for when Joey can go?
Do I go later in the day?
There are some Saturdays that we could go later in that day but that doesn't work every weekend because sometimes he works most of the day.

I guess the real question is do I like shooting well enough to do it by myself?
Well, duh. Where's my range bag?

Thanks for listening,
The Math Teacher

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