Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interesting Gun Fact

Since I started buying guns I have accumulated a let's say not a small collection. I prefer to not say exactly how many guns I own for two reasons.

-First reason - To be honest I'm not sure. I sort of lost count. :)

-Second reason - I've had to do something the last couple of weeks that I really don't like to do. I sold a few guns.

Yes, it's true. Guns are almost like money. At least they can be turned in to cash very quickly. I do recommend that if you find yourself needng money and you have a gun you want to part with - don't sell it to a gun store or try and pawn it. You will be able to get much more for your gun if you find a trustworthy individual and sell it to them. In order to sell a gun to an individual in the State of Georgia you do not need to fill out any type of paper work as long as they live in Georgia and are not prohibited from owning a gun.
Heck you might even be able to sell your gun to me. :)
I like it when guns are on sale.

Thanks for listening,
The Math Teacher

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