Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gun Information and Your Rights

After I got my first gun I was very concerned that I not do anything that would get me in to trouble with it. While on the internet I discovered two very helpful sites.

GeorgiaCarry.Org is Georgia’s no-compromise voice for gun owners.

GCO believes that citizens of Georgia and the United States have the right to own and carry the firearm of their choice for any reason other than to commit a crime.
GCO works tirelessly to ensure that the rights of gun owners are not compromised by the Georgia General Assembly, local officials, and those who ostensibly support gun rights while they work behind the scenes to erode our liberties. GCO is a non-partisan, grassroots organization, and GCO works for gun owners, not politicians. We are not interested in “access” or being “inside players.” We will not protect or make excuses for politicians who say they are our “friends” and then demonstrate otherwise by voting against us.

Public policy is controlled by the people who consistently show up and stay involved. GCO believes informed, active gun owners are the best defense against those who endeavor to infringe our liberties. To that end, GCO works tirelessly to keep our membership informed and active, and our members respond with equal passion and commitment.

On you can find:

1 - An up to date list of pro and anti gun Bills in the Georgia General Assembly
2 - House and Senate Report cards based on gun related bills they sponsored and voted on.
3 - Georgia Gun Laws in plain English including Deadly Force and Stand Your Ground
4 - Georgia Attorney General Firearm Related UnOfficial Opinions
5 - Firearm Caselaw from the Appellate and Supreme Courts of Georgia.
6 - Weapons Related Georgia Code
7 - Probate Court contact information for all 159 Georgia Counties with a growing list of the actual firearm license process for each county; also accessible through the dropdown box on the left of the menubar at the top of every page
8 - A Firearm Discussion forum to talk about News, Guns, Bills, Laws, Concealed Carry, and the Georgia Weapons License
9 - Places Off Limits to weapons even if you have a Weapons License
10 - License Renewal Guide explaining the changes to the renewal process that went into effect 7-1-06

I joined Georgia Carry and presently serve as the State Membership Coordinator.
I am an active poster on Georgia Packing and I am known on there as The Math Teacher.

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