Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Summer

I just noticed that I haven't been here ALL Summer long. I'm sorry about that, I guess I got kind of busy.

The first reason was - My Mom was very sick and eventually passed away on July 12th. She was a great lady and had a profound influence on my life. It goes with out saying - I miss her dearly.

The second reason had to do with Georgia.Carry.Org, the second amendment group I belong to.

When I wasn't with my Mom this summer I was recruiting members for GCO (this is what we call Georgia.Carry.Org). I went to different ranges all over the state and through special arrangements with the ranges, allowed people to shoot for FREE if they would join GCO or renew/extend their membership if already a member.

The results of my little project -

Total number of ranges visited = only 16

Total miles driven for GCO = 2014

Total money raised for GCO = $5534

Number of members who renewed = 84

Number of new members = 253

Sixteen ranges over the course of the summer may not seem like a lot but it felt like a lot while I was doing it. One Friday, I got up early and drove to Savannah and then drove home that night. I want to go on record and state that although it is possible, you should never consider a trip from Powder Springs to Savannah to be a "day trip". Just for kicks, the next day I drove to Macon and back.

I had a great time and I met a lot of good folks. Most of the people that I meet who are involved with guns are really good people.

I'll try not to let my next visit not be so long.

Thanks for listening,
The Math Teacher

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