Friday, October 7, 2011

I Like My Glocks

As most of you know I have a few different firearms. I am proud to say that I have Walthers, Smith & Wessons, Rugers, Kimbers, Colts, a couple of Heckler & Kochs, and a few Glocks. A lot of gun aficionados look down on Glocks. As for me, I feel that the people at Glock make a fine product that has an important place in today's gun industry. I have a Glock 22, a couple of Glock 17s and one of my newest acquisitions a Glock 34. I have to say that I really enjoy shooting my Glock 34 at the range. It's a fairly large gun and the weight of the gun is 22.92 ounces empty, and 32.79 ounces loaded. It will hold up to 18 rounds of 9mm ammo. The total length is 8.15 inches with a barrel length of 5.32 inches. The sight radius is the advantage with this larger gun, and the sights are easy to recover and line up after each shot. The trigger pull from the factory is 4.5 pounds. It is a major shooter that is extremely accurate for a tactical pistol with the added benefit of GLOCK reliability. This is also one of the most popular pistols among IDPA competitors. If you're looking for a good, full size tactical pistol, you couldn't do much better than the GLOCK 34. I may or may not ever compete with it, but I expect that this is a gun that will be with me until I'm too feeble to pull the slide back by myself. I bought this gun from the folks at Stoddard's Range and Guns in Douglasville, Georgia. If you stop by tell them I said hey.

Thanks for listening,
The Math Teacher

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