Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'll be carrying something besides a gun

As most of you know in addition to being a gun addict I am a teacher in the public school system. I really love teaching and believe that God has called me to this field. I went back to college full time at Kennesaw State University at the advanced age of 45 to earn my degree in education. In order to make myself a better teacher I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington last December with a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. Needless to say, all of this education I have acquired over the last few years was not free and I had to take out numerous loans to be able to pay for it. It is now time to begin paying back those loans and to be honest the teaching profession isn't the most lucrative field I could have chosen. I didn't need any of my degrees to see that I had more money scheduled to go out than come in.
Mathematically, this is a recipe for disaster.

There are two solutions to this problem.
Decrease the amount going out. (Spend less)
Increase the amount coming in. (Make more)

Spend less -
We could eat out less, which we have started.
Reduce or cut out the cable/Internet bill. I was able to get it reduced but I can't cut it out.. I mean, wouldn't you miss me?
Use less water, cut the lights off, run the thermostat up or down.
Don't drive any where unless you have to.
And I'm sure you can think of all the same ones I did.
The problem is that we never have lived what you would call, "high on the Hog", so there isn't really that much to be saved.
I could stop buying ammo/guns and sell what I have. Just so you know how serious this is I have actually sold seven guns the summer and I have shot very little. That's why you haven't heard much from me. (This is supposed to be a blog about guns.)

Make more -
As a teacher I don't really have time for a second job at Kroger, McDonald's, Walmart, etc. so I began to look at other things I might do. After extensive research on various things such as Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Disciple's Cross, Fuller Brush, etc.; I have decided to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

When you stop laughing understand that Mary Kay is a fantastic company with a really good program to help people. Will I be doing your make-up and hosting a lot of parties?  Probably not, but I do promise to give you the best possible customer service and get what you need to you as quickly as possible. 
So check out my website and help a teacher out -
Mary Kay by Bill Stanley
And as always.....

Thanks for listening,
The Math Teacher